Alex Petti

Composer, Lyricist, Guitarist

The Trouble With Dead Boyfriends

Music and lyrics by Alex Petti, Book and lyrics by annie pulsipher

Winner Best Score 2018 at Shenyc

Winner best in fest 2017 Premiere Premieres! Festival at MCL Chicago

The Trouble With Dead Boyfriends follows best friends Stella, Grace, and Madison, who have always dreamed of finding the perfect boyfriends. Over the course of the week before prom at George A. Romero Memorial High, the three girls make increasingly desperate compromises with their monster boyfriends to hold on to their dream of “a love that lasts forever.” However, during prom, the friends realize that their love for one another is stronger and more rewarding than their relationships, and slay their monster boyfriends. The Trouble With Dead Boyfriends is a gory, feminist comedy that empowers and centers women.

"A driving pop-punk score, with shades of 50s malt shop bops sprinkled on top for good measure." - ChicagoLand Musical Theatre

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Book, Music, and lyrics by Alex Petti

“Zeroes And Ones” is an autobiographical punk concert experience that tells the story of the late teenage years of Alex as he struggles with depression, social alienation and eventually, an attempt at suicide. The story explores Alex’s life as he discovers his depression in his late teenage years and tracks the parallels between Alex and Tommy, a local punk musician who died in a car crash six years ago. Alex’s deterministic view of the world leads him to believe that Tommy’s car accident may have been an intentional choice to commit suicide and it inspires Alex to do the same.   

The show's music genre experiments with combining aggressive punk rock music (Green Day, Rancid, The Front Bottoms) with narrative storytelling. 


A true story of an afternoon trip to a guitar store 16-year-old Alex took with his cousin.